Hapro Rheumaxyl Massage Oil (Pack of 2 Bottles) 60 ML Each

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Hapro Rheumaxyl Massage Oil (Pack of 2 Bottles) 60 ML Each

Helps to relieve acute and chronic joint pains, swelling and stiffness of joints. Indicated in Rheumatic arthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, cervical and lumbar spondylosis, Ostearthritis, Arthralgia, Gout, Frozen Shoulder, Traumatic inflammatory conditions like fibrositis and sciatica.

Hapro Rheumaxl Massage Oil – is a pain relieving oil which is prepared from the extracts of different herbs. Each herb has distinctive properties to combat pain in several regions of the body including muscles, legs, neck, shoulders, joints and back. It is useful in providing relief from joint pain, it also acts a muscle pain relief oil.


  • Works on relieving pain in the leg, neck, back, joints and shoulders
  • Enhances blood circulation in the body
  • Contains anti-inflammatory properties
  • It helps in treating joint pain


Directions for use:-

Apply locally 2-3 times a day. Clean and dry the affected area before applying or use as directed by the physician.

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